Bicycle-List of CO2

I just read National Geographic and it comes with this list of Co2 source in our own house.
The list tells us pounds of Co2 emitted per item each year in the United States:

1.    Washer                : 153
2.    Electric Dryer       : 1,521
3.    Hair Dryer            : 57
4.    Television             : 548
5.    Stereo                  : 167
6.    Desktop PC         : 321
7.    Microwave           : 179
8.    Dishwasher           : 599
9.    Refrigerator          : 1,191
10.    Central AC        : 4,067
11.    Toaster              : 53
12.    Gas Furnace      : 6,967
13.    One Car            : 11,903
14.    Ceiling Fan        : 115
15.    Shaver               : 1
16.    Cordless Phone  : 36
17.    Oil Furnace        : 14,380
18.    VCR                 : 64
19.    Cable Box         : 182
20.    Electric Range    : 628

Also from that great Magazine, beside our bicycle to meet The greener lifestyle commitment, the Author suggests us to reduce in those above personal Co2 emissions to keep the world from reaching critical tipping point, such as the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland or Antarctica by at least 80%.

Lets work!!
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Co₂ Burner Exercises Part 2

Day 1
In order to reach our reducing Co₂ goals, we have to know how much we produce it. Keeping track and record would give clear outlook. Read your electricity and car mileage daily, record them diligently on a chart and soon you’ll know that:
  • One gallon of gasoline adds 20 pounds of Co₂
  • A kilowatt-hour of electricity produces 1,5 pounds of Co₂
  •  Every 100 cubicfeet of natural gas emits 12 pounds of Co₂
Day 2
At night before you sleep, turn off your around -the- clock air conditioner, open a window and let birds wake you up at five with its chirping

Day 3
Change your home appliance to energy savings ones. In fact, those with energy star label from EPA are more efficient and you may get rebates and tax credit when you buy them. Refrigerators washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances consumed half of a household’s electric bills.
A typical kitchen set these days has five to ten 75-watt light spot and that wasting big money. You can replace them with CFL (Compact fluorescent) bulb. The comparation:

            Incandescent Bulb                                                
60-75 cent / bulb
15 years of electricity $80-$90
1000 – 2000 hour life

       $4 / bulb
       15 years of electricity $20 – $22
       6000 – 12000 hour life
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Co₂ Burner Exercises Part 1

Scientist’s reports stated the world is heating up even faster than predicted few years ago and the consequences could cost us more if we don’t implement or change our energy diet to reduce emission of Co₂ and other greenhouse gases that are trapping heat in our atmosphere. But, what a man can do? Does a man’s greener lifestyle mean something? Will our effort really make any changes?

We all know to accelerate our effort to slow climate change: USE LESS ENERGY. As Fat-burner and weight  reduce businesses skyrocket nowadays, the Co₂ burner exercises strongly advice to apply since we don’t need much effort and not much money. Most of us could burn our CO₂ more than 25% by reducing our energy usage. The basic point of this article is to show you how to use your self-powered energy.

The exercises contain some hard workouts that require discipline. Start slow, before you move faster and make it as a habit. Here are some series of recommendations to life a greener lifestyle:

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Bicycle Tips for Comfort and Safety

I hope my last article has helped you to choose the size and model to meet your personal requirements. With proper care and maintenance, your new bicycle will give you riding pleasure for years to come. But I understand that short article wont give you any good on buying your 1st bike.Contact your bike seller, a good seller always has a support line to ensure customer's satisfaction. Assembly and initial adjustment of your new bicycle require special tools and skills, that's what support are for or instead just contact your local bike garage.

Here are some tips for comfort and safety bicycle riding :

1.Check that your wheels are straight.
Spin each wheel to check that the rim doesn’t wobble up and down or from side to side, and that the wheels are centered in the bicycle frame and fork. To do this, watch the rim as it passes through the brake pads, or the frame. If one or both wheels fail this test, take your bike to your dealer for service

2. Check your tire inflation
Inflate your tires to the air pressure recommended on the tire sidewalls. Within the recommended range, higher pressures usually give the best performance on hard surfaces like pavement while lower pressures work best for off-road riding.
The weight of the rider (and any load) is also a consideration in selecting tire pressure. Within
the recommended inflation rates, lighter riders may find lower pressures more comfortable, while
higher pressures may better support larger loads or heavier riders and help prevent pinch flats.
Use a hand-operated pump with an appropriate gauge. Gas station hoses inflate bicycle tires
too rapidly and the pressure they indicate is often inaccurate.

3. Check your brakes
Press each brake lever to make sure that the brakes move freely and stop the bike. The brake pads should be adjusted so they are 1 to 2 mm away from the rim when the brakes are not applied. Brake pads should be centered on the rim.

4. Check attachment of both wheels
This bicycle may be equipped with a quick release wheel retention mechanism. The quick release allows the wheel to be installed and removed without tools. make sure you check it. Failure to tighten wheel axle nuts, or failure to have wheel quick release retention mechanisms properly adjusted and closed, may cause loss of control resulting in personal injury. If you have any questions about the operation of this system, consult your dealer.

5. Wear helmets. No excuses.
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